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Studio Forty was born from passion and experience that goes back over 7 years. In 2016, inspired by many years of creating scrapbooking projects and participating in international design teams, we decided to share our love for creating. However, it was the passion for stamps and their versatile use that became the main spark that started our adventure.

At Studio Forty, we believe in universality and uniqueness. Our hand-drawn and written patterns are designed to make creating projects both simple and incredibly creative. Our company’s philosophy is to make our products accessible and satisfying for both beginners and experienced creators.

Our flagship products are unique stamps and stickers that stand out with their unique design. Additionally, we offer art journals and Notebook-sized papers with hand-written and drawn patterns. Our offer was created to make each project unique and full of creativity.

We design and create our products from scratch, carefully selecting topics for individual collections. We avoid using ready-made fonts because we care about individuality. We create all inscriptions and most graphics ourselves. Our designs are, above all, universal, adapted to various forms of creation, which allows you to express your creativity in a unique way.

For Us, quality is not just a word – it is the foundation of our business. From the moment the first design concepts are born, until the products reach our customers’ hands, we place great emphasis on perfection.

Our products are created with the highest quality in mind, and this starts at the design stage. Each pattern is carefully hand-drawn and written, paying attention to the smallest details. This process also includes local sourcing and production in Poland. Why? Because we believe in a responsible approach to business.

Local Production – Global Quality
Studio Forty proudly supports local companies, contributing to economic development in Poland. Local production not only allows us to have strict quality control, but also minimizes our impact on the environment, shortening the delivery route and reducing CO2 emissions.

Safety and Satisfaction
Our products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure safe use. It is important for us that every customer can enjoy not only creativity, but also the certainty that they are using the highest quality products.

At Studio Forty, we make sure that our products are not only visually beautiful, but also durable and meet the highest standards. Join our community of creative enthusiasts and enjoy creating projects where quality always comes first.